Quade Circle Director Spotlight: Introducing Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons Quade Circle Director
Jim Gibbons Quade Circle Director

Jim Gibbons
Quade Circle Director – Indianapolis, IN

Background and Expertise
Jim Gibbons, an authentic leader, coach, and facilitator with more than 20 years of Chief Executive
experience. Gibbons has led companies in the social enterprise, technology/systems integration and
biotech space, starting his career with AT & T after graduating from Purdue University. Gibbons was the
first blind person to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School. Over the course of these
experiences, he has transformed brands, developed high performing teams, and mastered the art of
collaboration. Gibbons learned early in his career the power of leading teams without authority, but
with responsibility, building the capacity for leading from east to west versus north to south.

Joining Quade Circle
Inspired by a passion for mentorship and a commitment to developing the next generation of leaders,
Gibbons is excited to be a part of Quade. His decision to become a Quade Director stems from his belief
in Quade’s core values and methodologies, and a desire to share his wealth of knowledge and
experiences. Gibbons has participated in multiple peer-to-peer circles, as both member and moderator
and knows through his experience the transformative power of a circle for a CEO’s growth,
development, and well-being.

Personal Insights
Gibbons is a lover of life and strives to ensure a good life balance of work, family, and self. In addition to
his work with Quade, he serves as a coach and consultant while working on a body of research on team
effectiveness through feedback, insight sharing, appreciation, and focusing on team members individual

Gibbons and his wife reside in Indianapolis and have 3 adult children. He enjoys spending time with his
family, lake life, reading history and thrillers, and mentoring students at both Purdue and HBS.

Connect with Jim Gibbons
Connect with Gibbons to learn more from him and to follow his journey with Quade. Connect with us on
our social channels and the Quade community forum.