Do you feel detached from the company you lead? From your family? Your community? Yourself? It’s lonely at the top, and we get it.

If you’re looking for the network, the accountability and the peer support to help you overcome your obstacles and lead your professional and personal growth, Quade is for you.

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Almost two-thirds of CEOs are burnt out from lack of focused work


7 out of 10 CEOs say loneliness affects their job performance


of CEOs’ time is absorbed by administrative meetings

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A Letter From Our Founder

We’ve all been there – the board room, filled with suits, egos and imposters. Surrounded by people and ideas who just. don’t. get it. Yet, there they sit – the influencers, the pocketbooks and payrollers – all looking to define their own success, without a thought about how anyone else will fare.

And, here you are – the leader, the boss. The one “in charge” who strokes the checks. The one who keeps the lights on and clients coming in. The one who loses sleep over benefits packages, new hires and risky decisions coming back to bite you. The one whose dream started this all, and yet, here you stand, all alone on an island you created. The cliché is true: it’s lonely at the top.

Sometimes the never-ending list of demands are enough to sink you, or at least try to pull you under. You may look to friends, family, or colleagues for a life raft, but the weight of it all is simply too heavy. And guess what – without proper support, you may end up pulling them down with you, too.

We get it. We know your pain, your nightmares, and your dreams. We get it because we’ve been there, too. We’ve sat in that seat, calling the shots, spinning the plates, kissing babies and shaking hands, stoking the fire, doing your best to breathe when you can. Damn, do we get it.

Being a CEO isn’t just a fancy title on a business card. It’s a way of life that requires every ounce of you, all the time. Sure, the idea of work-life balance is nice, but when you’re constantly balancing unreasonable loads that are ineffectively integrated, it’s only a matter of time until your strength fails you and you fall, defeated and exhausted.

But what if you were able to break the cycle? To make the inertia work for you, rather than against you? What would it look like if you were a part of the circle, rather than whirling against it? How much more enjoyable would the whole balance be? How much more could you achieve? How much easier could you breathe?

Life is all about experiences. And living a whole life means living in balance, fully integrated – mind, body and soul. Afterall, time waits for no one.  At Quade, we believe there’s no time like the present to be your best whole-self. Today, not tomorrow.

Mark McFatridge

Mark McFatridge
Founder & CEO, Quade

Burning Questions

Quade Circles are led by CEO-Experienced Directors who not only guide the discussions, but offer their experiences as well. Quade does not have arbitrary admission criteria and ensures a diverse Circle of ten Allies, which promotes intimacy amongst those peers. Quade is a fully connected community with communication platforms that allow Allies to share their experiences and opportunities.

Quade Circles run perpetually. Allies renew their commitments annually.

Quade Allies must have the responsibility of a CEO, Business Owner, President, Managing Director/Partner or other similar title. Just as important, Quade Allies must celebrate diversity of experience, be focused on personal and professional growth, and be a cheerleader and butt kicker for their Circle Allies.

Quade Allies come to us from all different backgrounds. Hired guns. Entrepreneurs. Heirs to the family business. Ladder climbers. They are diverse in demographics, industries, experiences and company size. Common goals include personal and professional growth, vulnerability and shared success of their Circle and the Quade Community.

Quade’s Directors bring incredible experiences to their Circles. They’ve led substantial companies as a CEO and been where you want to go.

A lot! The first Quade Circle is built to establish trust amongst your Circle of Allies. Self-awareness and vulnerability is at the forefront of your first session.