Grow as a CEO and whole-human with Allies in your corner.

CEO facilitation


Quade Allies share a unique, passionate dynamic. Quade Circles are raw, growth-driven, and respectfully aggressive with no room for ego.

CEO facilitation


Quade’s Circle membership is not only exclusive to CEO Allies, our Directors bring distinguished CEO experience, too.



Quade Circles are built on diversity of thought and experience to help Allies solve their biggest challenges and reach their loftiest goals.

Allies Who Have Your Back

Allies Who
Have Your Back

Quade isn’t the CEO networking group you might expect. We believe the purpose of a peer group is not just to become better CEOs, but to grow as whole humans. In a Quade Circle, your Allies won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to be your best whole self.

"CEO" Is More Than a Title

CEO peers meeting and networking
CEOs discussing strategy

Thrive in the Strategic Role Your Company Needs

CEO is a mindset that drives your focus toward strategy, growth and relationships – both personally and professionally.

It won’t happen overnight. But Quade will push you to dream, create and thrive with a CEO mentality.

Where You Are

The top is lonely. Your employees expect you to have the answers for everything. You feel detached from them and what used to be your company as you grow. And you’re inundated with administrative, day-to-day work when you know you should be focusing on more big picture stuff.

As long-time CEOs and executives ourselves, we know.

To return to the strategic role you want to serve in, you’ll need guidance, accountability and support.

Where You Will Be

Imagine an escalator. You’ve got a ton of luggage and a backpack on. Why take the stairs when the escalator is faster, easier and more accessible? Why make it harder on yourself when it doesn’t need to be?

Your Quade Circle is an escalator to where you want to be – a successful business, a harmonious relationship with your family and employees, and a thriving personal and social life.

Surround yourself with peers in the same business stage as you – or even better, with those who’ve been there, done that.

Your Personal & Professional Growth Accelerator

It’s easy to feel like an underdog when you know you and your company are capable of more. Quade Circles turn founders and CEOs (like you!) into the strategic leaders you’re meant to be. How?

Director Facilitation

Quade Allies don’t sign up to direct others. That’s why we hire a Director to moderate your Circle. Someone who’s been in your shoes and knows what’s it like.

Peer Group Support

This isn’t your average executive peer group. Through vulnerable discussion with and accountability from your Allies, you’ll level up quickly – personally, socially and professionally.

Personalized Resources

We want to help you get where you want to go. No matter your stage of business and life, you have Allies and a Director to rely on. Based on an initial personality assessment, we’ll customize resources for your unique challenges and goals.

How It Works





1. Apply For Quade

Quade membership is for CEOs who are willing to be unapologetically authentic, embrace diversity and are interested in whole-self growth. Each Circle is limited to one Ally per industry to bring unique perspectives and avoid competition.


2. Get On Board

Once accepted into Quade, we intentionally place you in a Circle carefully designed to optimize your experience and outcomes. From there, we provide you with all the info to get to know your fellow Allies, agendas and resources to hit the ground running.


3. Join Your Circle

As a Circle, all Allies collectively start with building self-awareness, establishing trust and sharing personal and professional goals. The Circle will then work its way to deeper, moderated discussions on topics that will help you grow in every aspect of your life as a CEO.

Get Ignited with Quade

From our Allies to our Directors, Quade CEO Circles understand how to fuel growth from the inside out. Watch and learn how Quade is unlike any other CEO peer group.

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What is your CEO mindset?

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