Quade Circle Director Spotlight: Introducing Jake Michel

Jake Michel
Quade Circle Director – Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL

Background and Expertise
With over 20 years of experience, Jake Michel is a dynamic leader whose vast expertise spans across real estate, financial services, and technology sectors. As Managing Partner at The Placement Fund and Portfolio Properties, Jake has been pivotal in fostering innovative strategies for private placement and multifamily real estate investments.

Embarking on his career in the Financial Industry, Jake swiftly navigated through the complexities of financial marketing and regulatory frameworks, including SEC guidelines. Jake has demonstrated an exceptional talent for pioneering and scaling ventures, evident in his spearheading of a specialty pharmacy management venture to $26M in revenue and the revitalization of a technology company, achieving a 200% increase in accounts. His strategic foresight is matched by his operational expertise, contributing to substantial growth in every enterprise he has led.

Impact on Quade Community
Jake Michel has a knack for making meaningful connections and his motivational leadership will be key to nurturing the professional growth of fellow Quade members.

Personal Insights
Jake Michel balances his professional life with a fulfilling personal life as a father of four. Alongside his wife Leah, who owns and operates a dermatology practice, they navigate the challenges of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With both partners engaged in demanding careers and raising their children, achieving this balance remains a constant focus and top priority for them. Despite the challenges, they find solace and rejuvenation in spending time outdoors as a family, indulging in activities like fishing and freediving, which reflect their adventurous spirits. These moments provide them with a sense of perspective and harmony that they carry into all aspects of their lives.

Connect with Jake Michel
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